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Highlights of the Sea Safari & Marine Heritage Guided Tours

The Sea Safari & Marine Heritage Tour offers a breathtaking view of the harbour of Burtonport, along with the stunning north and west coasts of Arranmore Island, and the small islands located to the east of it. The tour takes place in the Rosses, a picturesque north-western coastal region of Co Donegal, which is situated between Gweedore to the north and Gweebarra in the south. The fishing harbour of Burtonport, located 8 km northwest of the town of Dungloe, has been the gateway to many of the islands of the Rosses for hundreds of years, including the largest island in Donegal – Arranmore.

The Fishing Industry

The fishing industry in this area has been in decline for many years due to the depletion of stock and strict fishing restrictions. Nevertheless, the offshore islands remain a peaceful haven of tranquillity where nature and wildlife prosper undisturbed. Visitors can marvel at the cliffs, beaches, rocky outcrops, sea stacks, and sea caves that provide a perfect habitat for marine life, as well as excellent photographic opportunities. Bird-watching enthusiasts can spot a variety of birds, and there’s also the possibility of witnessing dolphins, seals, and basking sharks in their natural habitat.

During the 18th Century, a herring fishing station was established in this area, which your guide will outline during the tour. As you cruise through the channels between the islands, you’ll observe the island-based historical landmarks of the fishing station. Many townhouse residences were constructed on the islands during that time, and some of them are still in use to this day. The remnants of other contemporaneous buildings convey the aspirations that were held for the development of the area during that era.

The tour provides beverages on board, and there’s also a WC available for visitors’ convenience.

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